Let’s Make a Difference

Welcome to Uraan. We are thrilled you’re here because we have so much that we want to share with you. We are here to make a life out of what we love and what we feel. We love nature and we feel it needs to be protected, be it humans or our environment.

We are young passionate journalist’s exploring the needs of the city. We are here:

1. To shift the perceptions of youth by combating illiteracy, isolation, alienation, and silence, creating a global movement of brave new voices bringing the noise from the margins to the core.

2. Mobilize youth activists: To empower, and energize young people

3. Motivate them to take action (encourage accountability)

4. To make them realize the potential of inner-city youth to build healthier and safer communities.

5. To generate environmental and social awareness among the public

6. To provide the youth with a platform whereby they can actively work for the betterment of the environment.

Explore our site, and all that we have to offer; perhaps Uraan will ignite your own passion too.